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Posted on: March 22, 2006 @ 09:52 AM
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Joined  03-03-2006
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why have yamaha decided that you can have just 4 splits with different midi channels . so does this mean that if you want to create a two layer brass setup, assighned to top octave ,then you may have piano layerd with synthstrings in the middle octave already no mor zones can be used on local sounds including plg boards, with all three plg boards and all that polythoney, whats the point if you cant use it, of course i realize you can go into song mode and put manty tracks on the samr midi channel number, but this is not ideal , any idears?
in my ex5, i turn local off, plug a midi lead into the out then back into the in .(by the way it has two sets of midi outs so part one of a performance for example, you can transmit on midi output a, playing a local sound. or transmit on output b, to play a sound on an external device on any of 16 midi channel. 
doing this it has 16 zones in which you can play local external sounds ,
all on different midi channels, does this mean the ex5 is a better controler than the motive es,
i hope not, as i want to buy a fully expanded es7 to replace the ex5, but it appears the motive es is not a proper 16 part of even 8 part controler.
regards rob

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