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Viewing topic "MOTIF RACK and CAKEWALK not compatible?"

Posted on: September 12, 2005 @ 02:29 AM
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Joined  09-11-2005
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Hello I’m Denis from FRANCE

I’ve CAKEWALK 3.0 and 9.0., recently I have buy a MOTIF RACK because my old MU80 was out. It was so easely to work with that expander and now with the MR I can’t begin to work cause a lot of problems.

master keybord (Ensoniq ESQ1)
PC with WIN98SE and CAKEWALK 3.0 or 9.03

What kind of conexion do you think. USB? MIDI?

I tryed USB with conecting MR to PC and master KB midi out to midi in of the MR

I tryed MIDI with master KB out to 1st sound card on PC and MOTIF RACK in/out to 2nd sound card.

My problem.
When I edit a MULTI on my MR and I start the CAKEWALK seq. the controllers from the MR go to 0 and all I do is wrong. I can’t work so.

I want only edit multis on my MR test the result by play on my master KB or starting the sequence to hear the global result, when I’ve finish I send a bulk dump in a sysex of the song in CAKEWALK and I save all. But impossible, the 1st step don’t allow me to work so.

I tryed about a week long all possible solutions but no result, could someone help me?

Thanks, Denis

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Posted on: September 12, 2005 @ 12:31 PM
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Joined  10-30-2003
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Re: MOTIF RACK and CAKEWALK not compatible?

geez this new design for the forum is really disorienting! and looks like im not the only one that can’t find their way around! lol!

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