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Posted on: July 25, 2002 @ 03:49 PM
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I’ve encountered an odd performance problem, and I’m sure there’s an easy way to solve it, but I honestly have no clue how. I want to divide the Motif such that the lower two octaves of my Motif 6 play one of the rock drum kits, while the upper 3 play a slap bass. I can initialize two performance parts, have drums on one and bass on another, and the split is set up fine. The problem, though, involves getting the bass lower. Despite the fact that I’m playing the bass with the upper keys, I still want it to sound like a bass, and since the bass/snare/toms are tied to specific keys, they can’t move either. So I want to do more than just set key ranges. I want to set the octave of the notes played on the various keys. Is this possible? Or do I need to sequence one of these parts instead of performing it live?

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Posted on: July 25, 2002 @ 03:50 PM
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Joined  07-26-2002
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Re: Splits and octaves

I’m not a 100% on this but give it a shot. In Performance Mode, Press Edit, Press one of the Perf Part either 1-4, you will notice that the Common Light goes out, Press F4 Tone, Press SF4 Tune, NoteShift allows you to go + or - 24 semitones. I think this is a way to do this if not sorry to waste your time. Brian

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Posted on: July 25, 2002 @ 03:50 PM
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Joined  07-29-2002
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tuning performance parts

right on Brian but it’s SF1.

Here’s the section from Motif School, my book that talks about that.

Tuning performance parts

Often when you are setting up performance part key ranges, you not only want that part to play in a particular area of the keyboard, but you also want that
area of the keyboard to play that voice in a particular octave. For example, imagine you have a performance where you want to reserve the top octave of
your keyboard for brass runs. Well, the likelihood is that you don’t want your brass part to be pitched in that octave. You may, for instance, want it
pitched from middle C to the C above. This is what we mean when talking about tuning a performance part. Tuning enables us to ensure that our performance
part is playing at the right pitch regardless of its key range. So, how do we do this?

1. From performance mode, press the Edit button followed by the number of the part you want to tune from 1-4. You will see that there are many functions
and subfunctions enabling you to edit your part.

2. Press F4 TONE. The tone parameters allow you to adjust settings which affect the sound of the voice itself. We’ll be looking at some more of these
parameters in the next chapter.

3. Press SF1 TUNE. This is the default but if you’ve been looking around the different subfunctions then you’ll need to make sure you’re on the tune

4. Adjust the note shift parameter until your part is playing in the right pitch. You can transpose your part up or down 2 octaves measured in semitones.
Transposing is the term we use for changing pitch.

Below the note shift parameter is the detune parameter which you probably won’t use very often but it allows you to raise or lower the tuning of your part
in very small increments so, for example you can use this to detune your part by a quarter of a tone if you wish.

Nolan, Note shift is at the top left of the screen. so, once you’re on the screen, press the left arrow a couple of times and the up arrow a couple of times to ensure your on it.



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Posted on: July 25, 2002 @ 03:52 PM
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Re: tuning performance parts

Thanks Gazza.

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Posted on: July 25, 2002 @ 03:53 PM
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Motif School

Hi, Gaz,

Do you happen to have the Motif School in pdf format? It would be really helpful to flip through the different sections using a laptop beside my Mo. Next best thing to having you sitting beside the Mo when I’m tinkering with it.


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