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Viewing topic "ES7 Sold, Software Available"

Posted on: July 21, 2004 @ 09:12 PM
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Joined  03-30-2004
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Sold my ES7, accepted that it was too much effort and too little music coming out, so went back to Arranger keyboards, PSR3000 and KN7000.
I have available however, an arsenal of extras for the ES, details can be obtained from MotifMart on this site. Items and asking price (in Australian Dollars) are:
Complete Orchestra (CD) 111MB samples - $125
Virtual Grand Piano VR60 (CD) 64MB samples - $75 Programmed Voice Libraries downloaded and placed on one CD plus hard copy manual - $80
includes Vintage Keys, All The Stops and B’s Knees.
Twiddly Bits downloaded and placed on one CD plus hard copy manual - $125.
Twiddly Bits “How To” DVD - $25.
All the above prices are roughly 60% of the landed price.
Any interest contact

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